Some reviews …

“ ... a splendid blend of the best technique, grace, elegance and beauty …
… really excellent ! … Alvaro Pierri revealed an artist maturity not commonly encountered … compared to such artists as Segovia, Bream, Williams.”

New York Times

“ wonderful collaboration by Alvaro Pierri with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and Charles Dutoit ! Pierri demonstrated not only perfect virtuosity but also extremely creative and nuanced interpretations.”

La Presse, Montréal

“Alvaro Pierri sets new standards. His fascinating and vivid interpretations are completely fresh and show an enormous musical strength. He brings extraordinary new life to the guitar repertoire which approaches Nicolaus Harnoncourts Credo of “musical discourse.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

“...What’s his secret? Passion for his instrument and love of music, which flows from his hands to envelop the strings and – apart from his technical brilliance - let’s us partake in the miracle of true virtuosity ...“

Tageszeitung, Munich

“ ... A memorable concert! ... First and foremost, Alvaro Pierri is an excellent musician, an emblematic personality in the guitar world, a stupendous virtuoso who uncompromisingly puts his art to the service of music ... he agitated the hall, his audience, to the extreme ... with humour, liveliness, poetry ... and an inventive interpretation of the music ... ”

Josiane R. Spinosi – GUITARE CLASSIQUE – Paris

“ ... Magic poetry of phrasing ... his playing remains in my memory like a ray of sunlight. ”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

“To listen to Alvaro Pierri is to be in the presence of an artist who makes one forget his instrument, who creates a subtile and delicate language, called ‘music’ ”

Robert Vidal, Radio France, Paris

“Alvaro Pierri wonderfully combines the shadings of the orchestra, adding to them even more ingredients than Segovia and Bream. He is a master of colours, a genuine innovator of interpretation.”

Leo Brouwer

“Fluent technique, golden tone and singing musicality poured from his guitar. Pierri matched panache with reflectiveness and superb rhythmic flexibility.”

Vancouver Sun

“... Brillante ! ... este artista posee una magistral versatilidad ... ”

Le Soir, Paris

" ... a fascinating, captivating, magical atmosphere ... Pierri played not only like a great virtuoso, he played like a veritable poet of the guitar."

C. Gingras, La Presse, Montreal

“ ... a real master ... col cuore ... ”

Corriere della Sera, Rom

“ ... Alvaro Pierri reduces entire generations of performers to marginal figures.“

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

“ ... king of the guitar ... ”


“ ... a poet ... ”


“… superb concert.”

Le Monde, Paris

“… Pierri carries music in his blood”

New York Times

“… marvellous evening.”

El Cronista, Buenos Aires

“ … the beauty of sonority, the flexibility of technique and respect for style. ”

El Pais, Madrid

" ... Alvaro Pierri is one of the leading guitarists of our times, his interpretations capture both mind and soul ...“

El País, Madrid

“A feast for the resources of the guitar, ... Alvaro Pierri’s fluid, beautiful transparent playing brought the crowd to its feet. Every nuance, colour and dramatic impulse was faithfully explored in this rare chance to enjoy top flight guitar playing at a MCO evening.“

James Manishen, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“... Alvaro Pierri lets us enter his musical world ... we remember it from his previous concerts – his play is extremely rich in contrast, nearly three-dimensional ... characterised by an incredible, impeccable technique ... and still the message of the music would not reach us without the man and musician Alvaro Pierri ...”

Laurent Duroselle –

“ ... the mystery of the sound - Alvaro Pierri ensorcells the audience with creative power and sensitivity “

Süddeutsche Zeitung, München

“Alvaro Pierri is one of those musicians who can play whatever comes to their mind – and is always first-class!
To me, Alvaro Pierri’s play embodies the perfect balance between personal commitment and intellectual distance. Born in Uruguay, he doesn’t go into raptures when playing Latin American music – he wants to persuade his audience, not convince them.“

Peter Päffgen, GITARRE & LAUTE, Köln/Cologne

“ ... wonderful sensitivity that moves to tears ... “

Fränkischer Tag, Bamberg

“ ... Alvaro Pierri - sound magician, who ensorcells the audience ... ”


“ ... glances deep into the soul ... “